Included in this page is a general amount of information and templates for use with the Wiki Software.
To obtain templates click options-view source at the bottom of the page. You can't make changes to the page with this method.

Editing and Creating Pages

If you are allowed to edit pages in this Site, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.

To create a link to a new page, use the box at the bottom of the navigation bar on the right
example Polish: Grammar

Creating and editing pages is easy and there are many options that let you to create powerful sites!

Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.


To create a table. Use the create table icon on the edit page menu. However this can only create a basic table.

The following tips are better demonstrated if you read them in the edit page menu.

Creating a new line within a cell

the || is what seperates cells
To start a new line in the same cell, do a space then _ then press enter for example
To Do List
Edit the page to get a template

To Do List

Creating a header

The wiki only allows you create one header using the table wizard so to create one somewhere else you do the following use the template as an example.

head 1

Creating a new column
To create a new column simply create a new line between cell bars like this.

All information one template All information one template
Here is all the information contained in one template To Do List


See Regulations

Adding Images

Notice the colourful icons on the edit page menu. Use the second one that says "insert image wizard"

There are two methods of image insertion the first is preferred for anything not a flag.
First method is to click the insert image wizard option and use external link then put the url of the image in and your done. This means the Wiki bandwith is not wasted on large space-taking images.

The second method is to simply go to the bottom of the page and click files. Then upload a file from your computer.

From there use the wizard and click use uploaded file. Then select the file. Ok, done. Be aware that the image is only attached to that page and can't be used anywhere else.

!Please! read the Regulations on image size and appropriate images before inserting an image.


Note template

Creating Collapsable Textbox


Template for language introduction

Series "insert language here" Pages
Native Language Name Here/English Name Here
Alternative names Here
*Links to all pages to do with that language here*
Estimated native speakers
Spoken in

Any further problems

Can no doubt be solved by visiting the excellent documentation page from Wikidot.

If your simply looking for a cool layout options then go here.

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