Spanish: Syntax
Series Spanish pages
Also known as Castellano
Syntax - Verbs
Script Latin
Family Indo-European
Sub-Family Italic, Romance
Estimated native speakers 329 million
Spoken in Spain, Latin America, former Colonies of Spain, United Nations
Common Word Order

Spanish has a considerably flexible word order. However there are exception rules. The basic word order is Subject - Verb - Object. SVO.

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Prepositions and Indirect Object Pronouns have stricter positions.
"os lo traigo"
"I am bringing it to you all."

Notice the object comes before the verb. The Indirect Object Pronoun always comes first in this sentence it's "os". The Direct Object Pronoun comes second in this case "lo". In negative sentences the no comes before the sentence.
"no os lo traigo".

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