Points of Interest

Wiki Regulations - Our guidelines for submitting content to the Wiki.
Tutorial - Our help page, you can find numerous templates on information on editing the Wiki within here.
Language Resources - Here you can find an index of links to communities, websites and databases of information regarding languages.
Languages Main Page - Our table of languages and all their current pages on the wiki. !Warning! This will not be updated often.
Families Main Page - For those interested in learning more on the families that contain and structure our languages.
To Do List - If you get bored and need something to edit check here.
Top Rated Pages - The best of the best, if you want a shining example take a look on this page.
Needs Expanding - Any articles in serious need of expanding and reform will be placed here.
Categories - This links to our main category page for ease of use.
Requests - If you cannot for some reason contact a moderator or have a bad time-frame. You can leave a request for a moderator on this page. Just edit it on top of any other requests. When your request is answered, we will edit underneath to say it's been done.
Special Pages - This leads to our miscellaneous and special pages section. Includes Flags, Acknowledgements etc

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