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Welcome! Bonvenon! ¡Bienvenido! いらっしゃいませ! Здравствуйте! Willkommen!

Welcome to Vibrant Tongues, a wiki enough to satsify your language tastebuds. Forgiving the bad introduction. This wiki is dedicated to storing information on the numerous languages located throughout our world aswell as teaching you them.

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Jan 17 2010 - Since the Wiki is picking up speed. I'm going to stop updating the news apart from serious layout changes and important announcements. As I can't put every little change to the Wiki in this page anymore. Introduction template to Mandarin added.
Jan 15 2010 - Basic pages and categories set up for all current languages in the Wiki. Russian page template added to introduction page.
Jan 13 2010 - Added Latin and Italian introduction pages ready for editing. Main language and families page added. German introduction page added.
Various misc layout and theme changes to the site.
Jan 12 2010 - Introduction to Spanish page added!
- Additionial added Introduction to French and English page
Jan 10 2010 - Wiki started. We will begin uploading content soon!

Wiki Regulations - Our guidelines for submitting content to the Wiki.
Tutorial - Our help page, you can find numerous templates on information on editing the Wiki within here.
Language Resources - Here you can find an index of links to communities, websites and databases of information regarding languages.
Languages Main Page - Our table of languages and all their current pages on the wiki. !Warning! This will not be updated often.
Families Main Page - For those interested in learning more on the families that contain and structure our languages.
To Do List - If you get bored and need something to edit check here.
Top Rated Pages - The best of the best, if you want a shining example take a look on this page.
Needs Expanding - Any articles in serious need of expanding and reform will be placed here.
Categories - This links to our main category page for ease of use.
Requests - If you cannot for some reason contact a moderator or have a bad time-frame. You can leave a request for a moderator on this page. Just edit it on top of any other requests. When your request is answered, we will edit underneath to say it's been done.
Special Pages - This leads to our miscellaneous and special pages section. Includes Flags, Acknowledgements etc

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